"Jag blev chockad när han påstod att om hans kreativa ådra sinade skulle han ta livet av sig. Han var verkligen en mycket känslig person, en fin person. En gång talade vi en hel kväll om samvetskval. Det var ett område han kunde, Ernesto."

Malla Aurell
i Jan Sigurds "Hemingway och svenskarna"

Well you've been making your brags around town about how you've been lovin my man.
But the man I love when he picks up trash he puts it in a garbagecan.
And that is what you look like to me and what I see is a pity.
You better close your face and stay out of my way, if you dont wanna go to fist city.
If you dont wanna go to fist city better detour around my town.
Cause I'll take you by the hair of your head and lift you right of the ground

"Fist City"
Loretta Lynn

"...They'll say" Bird died for his art.
"He had a good time doin' it"
He died on his knees man! Broke and broken!
He wasn't in control of nothing!
People love that bullshit though.
See death - is safe.
All those fuckers to scared to feel anything.
They get in to that mystique bullshit."

Miles Davis

I can saw a woman in two
But you dont want to look in the box when I do I can make love dissapear
For my next trick I'll need a voulunteer
I can pull a rabbit out of a hat
I can pull it out but I cant put it back
I can make love dissapear
For my next trick I'll need a voulunteer

Warren Zevon

I love your money
I love you honey
I love your automobile

Patsy Cline